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At Mind Dance, we work hard to make our clients shine. With a balanced, cohesive team by your side, we can enhance your ideas with vision and insight to deliver something that we are both proud of.

Event & Conference Management

Event / Conference Management

What makes an event relevant? At Mind Dance Marketing (MDM), we understand that time is a treasure and that activities should be immersive as well as informative. Whether it is a VIP Event or a multi-day conference, we have the capability to make your event not just memorable, but remarkable.

VIP Party - Chick-fil-A Houston | Reception

This annual exclusive event brings together influencers from the world of broadcast television, radio, print, and digital media, as well as business leaders from throughout the Houston area. This is a coveted invitation where over 90% of RSVPs attend.  This Chick-fil-A immersive event celebrates all things that the iconic brand represents, as well as provides event attendees with the opportunity to be challenged and inspired by insightful and thought-provoking presentations from speakers and local artists. Attendees also have the opportunity to be the first to try new Chick-fil-A menu items. Mind Dance procured the venue, and event staffing, and curated perfect themes, from invitation design to menu selection to final event décor.

BeyondNEXT – Chick-fil-A New Orleans | 1-day event

Mind Dance Marketing (MDM) produced an immersive one-day conference for Chick-fil-A New Orleans. The event had 175 attendees including 12 thought leaders from inside and outside of Chick-fil-A. There were live, in-person presentations, education sessions, and 7 breakout sessions that attendees could participate in. MDM oversaw all event logistics, including the creation of the BeyondNextNOLA.com website, all participant registration and communication, venue selection, all Banquet Event Orders, speaker schedules, social listening, and the facilitation of a live digital Q & A for attendees to receive one on one assistance throughout the event.

Tranquilo – Chick-fil-A Tri-State | 2-day event

From the moment attendees arrived until the moment they departed MDM focused on the intentionality of every detail.  MDM team members greeted each attendee and provided personally curated welcome bags that included a themed name tag. Working with the host venue to use aromatherapy to ensure that the environment was calming and bringing in design elements from the natural world to promote a sense of “tranquilo” throughout the conference.  From thought starters placed throughout work and relaxation areas to event speakers who addressed the need for business leaders to slow down and reflect on the “weight” of 2020 and how it not only affected their respective businesses but how they themselves had been affected as well. Attendees left feeling refreshed and cared for, as MDM saw to every detail of the event from registration, to activities, to menus to ensuring speakers had all necessary supplies for their presentations.

Summer Service Days

Summer Service Days

Chick-fil-A has always been a purpose driven company. A well-known quote from company founder, Truett Cathy is that “…we’re not in the chicken business, we are in the people business.” Caring for members of the communities in which we serve is always a top priority, whether those needs are related to the food we serve, extending hospitality or providing simple joy. In February 2020 Chick-fil-A Inc challenged Team Members, Corporate staff and Operators to help Chick-fil-A become “the world’s most caring company.” Since then, individual Operators and market groups open their restaurants every day with this challenge in mind. 

As 2020 would soon turn from a “regular” year into the Covid-19 Pandemic, the opportunities for “care” seemed to be everywhere. Chick-fil-A Houston Operators, just like everyone else in this market, saw the long lines at food pantries and mass food distribution sites. Operators soon realized their community was in need of something they were great at, “feeding people.” Before long, the One Million Meals program was created in order to feed those in need throughout the Greater Houston Area, increase the awareness of the need for volunteers and donors at food banks, recognize the work in their neighborhood food pantries and most of all continue to bring awareness to the food insecurity issues within their community.

The campaign was a success with over 1,200 volunteers giving of their time to sort, pack, wash, shuck and process donated and raw food at the Houston Food Bank. 1,010,000 meals or $33,600 were donated to 15 neighborhood food pantries spanning the Greater Houston Area and the pledge to donate One Million Meals, was reached and surpassed as $250,000 worth of proceeds from in-restaurant fundraisers was donated to the Houston Food Bank.

The campaign included a variety of partnerships and advertising platforms including a partnership with the Houston Astros, The Houston Astros Foundation, Great Day Houston, promotional radio and digital ads and in-restaurant point of purchase materials.

Rio Grande Valley Chick-fil-A |

VAMOS Scholars

Rio Grande Valley Chick-fil-A |

VAMOS Scholars

Chick-fil-A® Rio Grande Valley is a proud supporter of local college students and showed support by teaming up with VAMOS Scholars, an organization that provides students with renewable financial assistance for up to four years or until graduation from college. At Chick-fil-A Rio Grande Valley restaurants, from April 10-15, 2023, with every purchase of a Chocolate Chunk Cookie (individual or 6-pack) participating Chick-fil-A® Rio Grande Valley restaurants donated a portion of sales to VAMOS Scholars. MDM handled the full campaign strategy from brainstorming, creating and producing POP, creating social and radio media promotions, and monitoring sales. Once the cookie fundraiser ended, it was time to honor the scholarship recipients at the annual VAMOS Banquet.

Chick-fil-A RGV was the presenting VAMOS Scholars banquet sponsor. MDM came up with a box concept that was placed at every table setting at the banquet. Inside the Chick-fil-A branded box was a beautifully displayed Chick-fil-A digital offer card and a mini plush cow. The boxes were a huge hit at the banquet, but Chick-fil-A’s presence went beyond that. MDM also set up a 12-foot-long dessert table for our Chick-fil-A Rio Grande Valley clients. The dessert table was decorated and filled with Chick-fil-A cookies and brownies. The Chick-fil-A Rio Grande Valley market was excited to attend the annual VAMOS Banquet to help celebrate the 55 students awarded college scholarships. The scholarships received from the organization will help make a significant difference in these students' lives and support their higher education aspirations.

Quote from VAMOS Scholars Executive Director, Mary de Leon-“Your commitment to empowering and uplifting students from low socio economic backgrounds is truly commendable. It profoundly impacts the lives of our deserving students and allows them to pursue their dreams through education. Your contribution helps lighten the financial burden of education for our students and instills in them a sense of hope and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Your sponsorship opens doors previously closed to them and has set them on a path toward their academic journey. The scholarship banquet was a memorable evening for our students as they celebrated their achievements with their families, teachers, and counselors that were present that evening.”

Laredo Chick-fil-A |

Surprise and Delights

Laredo Chick-fil-A | Surprise and Delights

The Chick-fil-A Laredo market surprised and delighted mothers on Saturday, May 13, 2023, by handing out beautiful bouquets of flowers in the restaurant and drive-thru. Attached to the bouquet of flowers was a card with the market logo and a sweet note. Each restaurant handed out 100 bouquets as a surprise and delight to mothers. Chick-fil-A Laredo market was then excited to follow up their Mother’s Day Random Acts of Kindness in May with a similar campaign in June for Father’s Day. The market surprised and delighted fathers on Saturday, June 17, 2023, by handing out 100 gray Chick-fil-A branded trucker hats at each location in the restaurant and drive-thru. On the brim of each hat was a Chick-fil-A sticker with the market’s logo and a sweet note celebrating fathers. “Hats off to dads! Happy Father's Day from your Chick-fil-A Laredo restaurants. #thelittlethings” was the campaign tagline.

Houston Chick-fil-A |

Leadership Conference

Houston Chick-fil-A | Leadership Conference

The Houston Leadership Conference was held this July 2023 and put on by the collaboration of Mind Dance Marketing and the Houston Chick-fil-A Operators. The conference was for Chick-fil-A Houston Leaders to develop personal and professional growth, strengthen their networking, learn from experts, and get inspiration and motivation. It was quite an experience with many interactive pieces throughout the conference including a game show put on by the MC Dan Roberts, three amazing keynote speakers, intimate breakout sessions, and closing with a bang; quite literally as they had a band perform around the room and on stage!

Chick-fil-A RGV |

Official Sponsor of the McAllen Holiday Parade

Chick-fil-A RGV | Official Sponsor of the McAllen Holiday Parade

The McAllen Holiday Parade is the largest illuminated holiday and helium balloon parade in Texas and in December 2022 the Rio Grande Valley Chick-fil-A market launched their 3-year partnership with the organization. The day started with setting up the Chick-fil-A Bullpen at their Christmas in the Park celebration. This onsite activation included a Plinko game, a photo booth, and several giveaways including digital offer cards and mini plush cows. In the evening they were a part of the parade with a Chick-fil-A branded illuminated float and an oversized inflatable cow. As a Surprise & Delight, team members handed out warm chocolate chunk cookies to attendees along the mile parade route prior to the start.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros

When Chick-fil-A Houston set out to partner with the Houston Astros their original focus was on a potential kids’ club sponsorship. When it was apparent that that particular sponsorship was not available, key decision makers sat in a room full of windows overlooking Minute Maid Park. MDM facilitated the conversation between Jamie Hildreth, VP of Astros Marketing, and key Chick-fil-A Houston Operators serving on the Chick-fil-A Houston board.

Like fireworks the ideas started popping about how fun it would be to transform the first and third base Astros Foul Poles into the Chick-fil-A F-O-W-L Poles. That, was the first dimension. To truly engage and create memorable fan engagements, MDM crafted a sponsorship that included leveraging the in-stadium, newly re-branded Fowl Poles, on-site activation, customized in-game feature, LED and El Grande exposure and the opportunities to give away free Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches to guests entering the ballpark.

All of the on-site activation is designed to leverage one of the best Chick-fil-A brand assets – the Chick-fil-A Eat More Chicken Cows. Traveling as a herd, and passing out key brand promotional items, the sponsorship allows for the Chick-fil-A Houston brand to bring the visual, physical and emotional to life to Astros fans throughout the season. Now in their 9th season with the Astros, MDM continues to execute the annual sponsorship and monthly in-stadium activation.

Tri-State Chick-fil-A | Operator Retreat

The Tri-State Chick-fil-A Operator Retreat was held in Manhattan, NewYork in May of 2023 and put on by the collaboration of Mind Dance Marketing and the Tri-State Chick-fil-A Operators. The conference is created to allow Operators time to foster relationships, collaborate with one another while also growing personally and professionally. Some of the elements of the event included hearing from renowned speakers such as Brian Carpenter, Jay Williams, Wayne Francis, and Dinner at a local favorite, the Brooklyn Chop House. The theme for the event was FIRE–Focus, Integrity, Rest, and Excellence with a 1940s look and feel implemented through the choice of colors and decorations. MDM executed each element of the event planning including site selection and negotiations, logo and asset designs, decorations and event setup, speaker booking, AV, hotel accommodations, food, and beverage as well as overall on-site event management.

Tri-State Chick-fil-A | Operator Retreat

The Bullpen

The Bullpen

As Mind Dance looked for new ways to highlight the Chick-fil-A Brand and elevate visibility during sponsorships and community impact events, it became clear that we needed to go BIG and go MOBILE! From that idea, The Bullpen was born.

The Bullpen is a visually dynamic, unique concept that literally towers over the standard ten-by-ten tent seen at most events. The Bullpen features a customizable, touch screen photo booth; interactive gaming deck; balcony VIP seating; digital signage; counter space; and many more unique options.

Mind Dance has constructed two Bullpen activation units. One resides in Houston, Texas, and the other in Atlanta, Georgia… making it accessible for Chick-fil-A markets nation-wide.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Lions! Tigers! And bears oh my! After several years of developing a relationship with key leadership at Feld Entertainment, MDM pitched the title sponsorship of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus to our client, Chick-fil-A Houston. With more than 4 million guest transactions per year at greater Houston area Chick-fil-A restaurants and only 100,000 in attendance at the Circus. MDM knew the power of the Circus was about creating emotional connections and new memories about the Circus with Chick-fil-A guests.

MDM constructed a sponsorship that leveraged the 4 million guests at the restaurant and the 100,000 Circus fans seeing the show. Leading up to the Circus all greater Houston-area Chick-fil-A restaurants hosted a Circus-themed Family Night at the restaurant level. With the support of Ringling, the restaurants were transformed into a mini-Circus show complete with an actual Circus Clown. Most restaurants report their biggest turn out for this family night.

Then, as the show comes to town, MDM transforms NRG Stadium into an equally co-branded venue with Ringling where Chick-fil-A can debut their best assets – food, cows and the personal touch of Chick-fil- team members. Placing brand awareness and activation points in the plaza outside, the Animal Open House, All Access Pre-Show and the VIP Dining area, MDM ensures that the Chick-fil-A Houston brand is not just prominent, but relevant in the environment. To be within a venue is one thing – to be relevant and remarkable in a venue is the right thing. Prior to the Ringling Circus closing it’s doors, MDM supported more than 11 Chick-fil-A markets across the country handling the Ringling sponsorship activation elements.

Living Water International

Living Water International

For the past four years, Mind Dance has crafted a pro-bono partnership, benefiting Living Water International. MDM has built and executed campaigns that raised funds for clean water in Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador. This campaign was designed to to help raise awareness and support for Living Water International’s mission to help communities acquire desperately needed clean water. MDM managed the collaboration of five individual organizations, the communication process, marketing efforts, and fundraising processes.

In the past two years, over $315,000 was raised specifically for building clean water wells in Nicaragua & El Salvador.